Ways to be a tourist in your own country

As the cost to live rises, so does the slow burning knowledge that even though we might be entitled to twenty-two days of holiday from work; we just don’t have the budget to just go jet-setting around the globe. More and more of us are opting to spend our hard earned paypacket on rent, bills and food – which has led to our binning of the luxury holiday. Thus, being a tourist in your own country is on the rise. There’s even a word for it! Staycation. This clever portmanteau is all the rage. Not only will you save pennies usually used up by expensive flights; there’s even evidence that if you live-in-the-moment, you’re way happier.

So what better way to relax than too rediscover the beauty of your own country, and truly be thankful for where you live? At Pixal, we’re big believers in home-grown wanderlust, so we’ve put together a list of ways for you to be a tourist in your own country.

See the sights

Let’s face it, how often on your commute do you look up? With busy work schedules and alarm clocks that you can “sleep” (a nightmare for us at Pixal), it’s human nature to walk fast and straight down the pavement or across a station concourse. When we have a goal in mind, like getting to work, if we haven’t had coffee, we’re not going to take in the sights around us. Our first reason to be a tourist in your own country, is that you’ll really have time to see the sights that will take your breath away.

If you’re stuck for a place to start with your sights, simply pop your city into TripAdvisor’s ‘Things to do’ section. It’s an encyclopedic database of user-rated tourist attractions, with all you need to figure out if this particular sight is for you. If you’re staying at home, you can use it to see what people flock to your city for. If you’ve got enough money for a train ticket, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with your chosen city without the hassle of finding the information centre when you get there!

Go visit your old friends

Another great way to make it a Staycation to remember is by heading out to visit an old friend. Whatever happened to your uni dorm crew? Or that work bestie that you had in your last job? Got a friend who moved away, and you haven’t seen in a while? Whilst it’s possible to keep in touch and form relationships over long distances using the internet, an electronic screen is no match for a face-to-face conversation. Get up, get out, and go see your mate. No doubt, they’ve missed you. If you ask them nicely, they might even let you sleep on their sofa. It’s a win-win situation, they get to hang out with you for longer, and you get a bed in a city you’ve never seen before. It’s never too late to make an effort, so pick up that phone and text your old friend.

Street Wisdom

Our third and final tip for ways to be a tourist in your own country is Street Wisdom. Linked closely to the two above, Street Wisdom seeks to combine mindfulness, psychology and cognitive science – to help you draw inspiration from your surroundings. It’s the ultimate way to be a tourist in your own country; as it requires nothing from your wallet, and only will from your heart.

Street Wisdom is a free three hour workshop. Your group leader will take you out onto the street, and talk you through a number of exercises that help to tune you into the environment around you. Then comes the part you must embrace with all of your heart. Ask the streets a question, and the answer will be provided. Dependant on which way your opinion swings, Street Wisdom is either a powerful tool for divination – or a great way to place meaning and harness the power of your subconscious thoughts. Either, it’s quaint, quirky, and super fun.

The coolest thing about Street Wisdom is once you’ve attended one class, you can teach it to others without the need to qualify. Great for the squad if your bank accounts are on ice, rather than iced; and you’re all in need of being a tourist in your own country.

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