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Many people are part of a sports team themselves or have a team they follow and support like a fanatic. A big part of supporting though, is the pain of defeat. The pangs that strike with each loss can often leave you frustrated, however, serves to make inevitable successes all the sweeter. It’s true, in the end, we all love a sports team success story.

They aren’t limited to victories in a match either – it can be an attribute of those who show courage and human spirit in their game. We are all suckers for heroes that fail, after all. Each year, sport teams around the world defy the odds and inspire all that watch. So, if you are part of a team yourself, or a fan of one, you’ll understand that you deserve to savour every success. That’s why we’ve made a list of a few of our favourite sports team successes, to remind ourselves of the power of a triumph that compels.

The Nigerian women’s relay team

First sports team success story! In Barcelona, 1992, prior to the sound of the starting pistol of the women’s 4x100m relay final, no one would give the Nigerian quartet much of a chance. Beatrice Utondu, Faith Idehen, Mary Onyali and Christy Opara-Thompson did not expect to cause the podium places trouble. Though the team had already done Nigeria proud, the firm favourites were the USA and France.

But, this was not the case this year. In the throws of high drama, in an epic sports team success story, the Nigerian team pipped France to the post by 0.4 seconds; to claim a stunning bronze medal.

The celebration of the four women, despite a delay from the need to check the photo-finish image, became iconic. Passion erupted, elation ran like wildfire, and together the excitement of the Olympic Games was exemplified. The bronze medal was to represent not only Nigeria’s second ever relay medal, but was the first medal EVER won by any Nigerian woman at the Olympic Games. Images of the celebration became iconic, and inspired many a generation of female athlete in Nigeria.

Fraserburgh FC’s Scottish Cup run

The small town of Fraserburgh, known locally as the ‘Broch’, sits on the coast in north-east Scotland. The 13,000-or-so locals rely upon the success of their town’s fishing industry, which still employs 60% of the area’s workforce. It’s quiet, historical, and local. Today though, the ‘Broch’ is catching up with modern times. The spirit and stunning success of their local football club has contributed to this. You know them as Fraserburgh FC. Well, they have their own sports team success story!

Fraserburgh FC, the local, semi-professional outfit were just drawn against the mighty Glasgow Rangers FC in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup! This, we argue, is the biggest match in the coastal town’s history, and no matter the fact they lost, will result in a boost to the economy and pride of this town.

sports team success story

NZ men’s hockey team go for gold

Heading to Montreal in 1976, New Zealand’s men’s hockey team were far from favourite for the Olympic gold medal. Instead, it was Australia, Germany, Netherlands, India and Pakistan set to consider. True to the nature of things, the NZ side got off to an inauspicious start. Despite their win of just one fixture of the four, and being mauled 5-2 by Pakistan in the process, NZ just made out of the group into the semi-finals. At this point it would seem certain their luck would run out; drained by the favoured Netherlands side, 2-1.

The Kiwis fought a battle, an epic sports team success story, and won a shock victory. In the process, they gave themselves a place in the final, and set the guarantee of at least a silver medal. In the final, they would have to face their rivals, Australia. Although the odds would stack in favour of the Aussies; New Zealand managed to pull off a hard-fought 1-0 triumph, and returned Down Under bedecked in gold and glory.

The power of sports team successes to inspire us remains undimmed. Most people have a favourite sport memory with regard to a team they are either a part of, or follow. Photographs are responsible, and a great way to capture these moments of glory. They also allow us to bask in the light together. So, next time your team takes the field; use the Pixal app to capture their magical moments and share them with those who share your passion.

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