Top 3 picturesque places in Bangkok

Ah, Bangkok. The most visited city in the world; and the fastest developing one – the one place where construction and neon lights intersperse with beautiful flowers and majestic elephants. There’s a reason, of course then, that the backdrop of influential sci-fi movie Blade Runner chose to mimic Thailand’s capital city; but translated to LA. Bangkok aches with neon nostalgia, pulses with pagan light whilst dreary rain highlights stalls that never close. It’s a once in a lifetime travel destination; and one that no doubt you’ve had a budget for ages. So, if your heart is full of wanderlust and your feet are full of adventure; you’re gonna want to remember your trip there. So, sit back whilst we break down the top three picturesque places in Bangkok, for you, your mate who’ll travel with you and your camera.

Visit the OG reclining buddha at Wat Pho Temple

Our first of our picturesque places in Bangkok, is Wat Pho Temple. It’s official name is Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn; but Wat Pho will do you just fine. It’s unique in the fact that it has a reclining buddha, which might not take you by surprise – until you’re told that this was the first reclining buddha ever built. Yep. The OG. The first ever. Reclining buddhas are extra special – they signify the historical buddha in the midst of his last illness; about to enter parinirvana (the ultimate state of nirvana after death reserved for those most enlightened). If you have one in your house, it’s said to bring spiritual oneness and enlightenment.

The temple itself has a rich history. Although not technically a spot for pilgrimage, it remains a place of large tourist interest. It holds the largest number of images of buddha imagery anywhere in the world; and houses a school of Thai medicine. It’s also where the Thai massage was invented. As you can expect, it lives up to its reputation; the statue of the buddha alone contains mother of pearl, gold, glass and bronze. It’s quite a sight to see, which makes it top of our picturesque places in Bangkok, as it will surely take your breath away.

Go crazy on Khaosan Road

If spiritual enlightenment isn’t your style; and it’s chaos you crave – then why not check out Bangkok’s well known “party street” Khaosan Road. If street-food and sideshows are more your thing; there’s no doubt you’ll find both on this 410 meter (quarter of a mile) road. Well known as ‘the centre of the backpacking universe’ (Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach’) and “the place to disappear” (Susan Orlean); if your urge to explore is linked with the dystopian, grimy, spirit of the city that seethes with neon life – then this street is for you, and totally one of the best picturesque places in Bangkok.

It’s the ultimate sci-fi cyberpunk dreamscape; eternally packed, full of weird food, ramshackle bars, cheap clothes; cheap cocktails, street-parties that’ve seemly sprung up from nowhere. You’ll be immersed in Thai culture, and the end of it that has a carefree, anything goes vibe.

At Pixal, we’re pretty certain you can find anything there. From scorpions on sticks to cheap accommodation (as long as you don’t mind some sleep on a mat on the floor), to nightclubs, religious icons, cocktail buckets and other, deadlier pastimes.

A tip is to try and visit when the sun is up; Khaosan’s nightlife and bar culture might tempt you – but at 1/2am, you might end up in danger.

Grab a bargain at Khlong Lat Mayom floating market

If the markets of Khaosan are a pull, but you’re on the hunt for a more Wat Pho vibe; then the floating market at Khlong Lat Mayom might be a winner. It’s charm lies in its location, which is a short way outside of central Bangkok; and thus – is manned by a contingent of locals. If you’re on the hunt to experience native Thai life, then this is the place to be, and to photograph, as your local picturesque places in Bangkok experience.

Khlong Lat Mayom has the usual mix of flowers, fruits, souvenirs, trinkets and accessories; but it’s treasure, and pull, lies in its food. Thai culture considers going out to eat a social pastime; and it is not treated as the same expense as in our culture – so food is cheap, cheerful, and delicious. If you take a trip to Khlong Lat Mayom; make sure it’s on an empty stomach. In a very short time you’ll fill it with the delights the street-food market has to offer. Don’t panic about ingredients that get lost in translation either; most people just order with a very careful point.

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