How to spend 48 hours in Sydney

A city as vast, vibrant and exciting as Sydney can be easy to be swept up in. That’s a good thing. You should embrace this city whisking you off your feet and taking you somewhere unexpected. That being said, if your time is limited – say, 48 hours in Sydney – you are going to want to make sure you take in as much as you can. With that in mind, here’s our handy guide to spending 48 hours in Sydney. This itinerary ensures that you’ll experience much of what Sydney has to offer and that you’ll have spent your time in the Australian city wisely.


Day One

  • Morning: Take in Circular Quay

Circular Quay is a must-visit for those wanting experiences, as it is in many ways the hub of the city. A bustling morass of malls, parks, restaurants and cafes, Circular Quay is the perfect first day breakfast spot to soak in the energy of the city. The views too, oh, the views. Grab a coffee and watch Sydney go by.

  • Afternoon: Head for “The Rocks”

By the time lunchtime rolls around you’ll be ready to take a ramble to ‘The Rocks’. Here your shopping, eating and experiencing of the Sydney way of life can continue. This precinct is a tourist hotspot and a great way to connect you with the city’s past. This dwelling area dates back to 1788 and has a fascinating story. It also harbours some of the finest pubs in town.

  • Evening/Night: Eat well, Aussie style

When it’s time for grub Sydney’s got you covered, so, what do you fancy? Coming to the halfway point of your 48 hours in Sydney you’ll want to dine in style. This city has something to suit every taste. To go all out for the ultimate in Australian fine dining, head for Est. or Tetsuyas. For the fresh seafood famous in Sydney the make for Fish at the Rocks. Or, if you want something with a broader menu that’s affordable but sure to satisfy all then you can’t go wrong with Farmhouse Kings Cross.


Day Two

  • Morning: Make for Bondi Beach

Sadly, we’re now into the final 12 of our 48 hours in Sydney. Yet do not despair, for the best is yet to come. If day one was all about luxury, today is about exploration. Welcome the morning with a walk along Australia’s favourite patch of sand and sea: Bondi Beach. Take a dip in the warm, crystal waters and appreciate what Australia is all about: sun, sand and surf.

  • Afternoon: Breathe in the Royal Botanic Gardens

Pondering the perfect place for a picnic lunch? Then look no further than the Royal Botanic Gardens. We advise you to spend the bulk of your second day exploring the delights of the gardens. Meander through the celebrated Calyx – the central hub of the garden complex – into a collection of exhibitions of nature in all its beauty and glory. Even take part in an Aboriginal heritage experience to gain a greater understanding of Australia’s indigenous population.

  • Evening/Night: Cross Sydney Harbour Bridge

Did you think we’d forgotten Sydney Harbour Bridge? Only a stone’s throw from the botanic gardens, we recommended arriving at the bridge in plenty of time before sunset. For our money, from the middle of the bridge you’ll get some of the best views of the city possible. This includes an unmissable photo opportunity to capture the Sydney Opera House perfectly. As the sun sinks into the sea and orange light bathes the town, take a moment to appreciate what a truly magnificent city Sydney is.

Our 48 hours in Sydney are up, but, we think it’s fair to say, we spent them well. Which is what a place like this deserves.

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