Penny pinching methods for your backpacking travels

Chances are if you’ve landed on this page you are in one of two possible situations: you’re either looking for ways to save for your travel-infused plans on the horizon, or you’ve got your travel money safely saved and now you’re looking for tips on how to enjoy your travelling – without blowing all your savings in the first week. To help, we at Pixal have put together a few tips to get you sailing the ocean of (cheap and affordable) exploration.

How to save for travelling

Before you even begin to pinch those pennies, you need to think about, or estimate, how much you’ll need for your intrepid expedition. Think about where you’re going and for how long? Take into consideration all possible airfares, day fares and any other fares you’ll need as a result. And once you have your figure, you have your goal.

1. Review your expenses

Once you’ve estimated all your costings for your trip, the next step is to create your game plan. One of the best places to start is to review your current spending. Compare your income and expenses and, where possible, enforce cutbacks – while not entirely necessary never underestimate how helpful a spreadsheet can be!

You’ll be surprised, for instance, how much you can save by making your own lunches instead of buying them every day. Put all your saved money into your own dedicated travel fund, the new home for however long it takes to save the amount you need. And feed this bank balance regularly.

2. Sell unwanted stuff

Another handy way of pinching those pennies is to sell stuff that either you no longer wear or fit into or stuff you no longer want. There are many sites and apps to help your newfound sense of offloading. Selling your unwanted stuff is a great way to earn cash, for that all-important travel fund, from items just lying around your home.

3. Stop spending

Granted, easier said than done. However, when travel is on your horizon, other entertainments and purchases have to fall by the wayside. True, you may have to make purchases for your up-and-coming expedition but when it comes to any other entertainment, try to opt for a free way to spend time with your friends and family.

If you’re going travelling with friends, a partner or family you won’t be the only one on a spending diet. And, at the very least, will have an equally broke person who gets what you’re going through. But, trust us, it will be worth it in the end on some overseas shore with a cocktail in tow.


How to travel on the cheap

You do not need to be rich in any way to enjoy your travels. Oh no. And if you find yourself casually flicking through image after image of far-off places in your spare time then you know, we know, it is time you went. Sourcing money needn’t be an issue – especially if you followed the first half of this blog which delved into the wonders of saving for your trip. This section, however, will focus instead on how to live cheaply when you’re there.

1. Slow is the way to go

Did you know that the slower you go the cheaper your travel becomes? Sure, it will take a little longer to get from A to B, but when you’re travelling isn’t that is part of the fun? Slowly absorbing your surroundings, bit by beautiful bit. Research then is necessary for your travels, wherever your sights are bound look into the cheaper ways of getting around. We’re willing to bet they’ll be the slower means of travel.

2. Pack light

When you travel light, which is generally recommended by many an experienced traveller, one of the benefits of doing so means you airfare costs will be considerably cheaper. Which, let’s face it, is usually the lion share of travel costs anyway. Packing light also means that when travelling in between destinations on slower travel it’ll be way easier too. After all, it is a lot easer to slip your not so large backpack onto a bus than cases.

The lighter you go, the more benefits, not only do you get to keep your bag with you (meaning less chance of losing anything) it also means you’ll be able to lock your valuables away in most hostel lockers with ease. In the end, you always think you need more travelling than you end up needing. Trust us, we’ve been there – and out back and feet still hurt!

3. Go tourist

If your travel plans encompass a city or two, then you’re in luck. Cities around the world go out of their way to accommodate the everyday tourist – and to help their purse strings too! For starters, if your wanting to see the sights of your destination in all its glory then invest in city tourist cards. Most cities will have something to the above effect and if they do (again you’ll need research to find out for sure) then get it! You’ll save so much money and get to see so much, it’s well worth the investment not to mention help you tick quite a few items of your bucket list in the process.

Likewise, in most cities you’ll find they offer a free walking tour. No, we kid you not. Free.

Free walking tours give you the opportunity to explore the city you’re discovering from the ground up. Why walk, you ask? Well, what could be better than up close and personal? Not only that but you also help to reduce your environmental travel impact – now that’s responsible tourism!

The best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to travelling cheap, try and avoid the flight/hotel mixture. There are so many ways to save on your journey – without breaking the bank and using all that hard-saved cash.

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