7 New Zealand fitness events to sign up for in 2018

Many of New Zealand’s fitness events offer a great way to experience and connect with the country’s magnificent landscape. Others are an opportunity to push yourself to the limits of your capabilities in a quest for pride and glory. All of them are a lot of fun, and most combine all three of these enviable characteristics. Therefore, we thought we ought to put together a list of our favourite fitness events held in NZ to inspire you to get out there and involved in 2018.

1. NZ Fitness & Health Expo

Though it’s no endurance task, and requires no feat of stamina or strength, all fitness enthusiasts should pay a visit to the NZ Fitness & Health Expo. Amongst all of the New Zealand fitness events out there, this is the only dedicated showcase of health and fitness products in the country. If you want to be at the cutting edge of the New Zealand fitness events world, this is the place to be.

Over two days, gain an insight into all the latest developments in the health, fitness, nutrition and wellness world. Respected experts are also there to inspire, motivate and impart wisdom and insight upon the crowds. After visiting the NZ Fitness & Health Expo you’ll be ready to take your own fitness regime up a gear.

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2. The Auckland Marathon

Almost certainly the biggest of the annual New Zealand fitness events, the Auckland Marathon invites you to participate in 2018. This event is a 26-mile colourful, exuberant carnival of the joys of running. The biggest race, in the biggest NZ city…what’s not to get excited about?

With five different distance options to choose from, beginning at 3km, absolutely anyone can get involved. Regardless of experience, or ability, Auckland wants to see you running in 2018. Be it for a good, cause, the sheer fun of it or the sense of competition – or even all three!

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3. The Ruby Island Swim

The beautiful Ruby Island, within the shores of the spectacular Lake Wanaka, is a true NZ wonder. What better way to get up close and in touch with this iconic place than the Ruby Island Swim? The most popular swimming challenge amongst New Zealand fitness events, this swim takes in a full 3.8km. Not a huge distance, but enough to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, and it allows everyone to take part.

Shorter distances are also on offer, and for the die-hards, the occasional 10km event is hosted. So, whatever distance you choose, don’t miss this opportunity in 2018 for a dip in Lake Wanaka and a swim around Ruby Island. Who knows, you might even win the race.

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4. The Coast to Coast

The Coast to Coast – New Zealand’s most iconic and gruelling race. In traversing the South Island of NZ, from west coast to east, you will encounter mountains, plains, and the mighty Waimakariri River. This is a multisport event, featuring running, cycling and kayaking sections. The full distance is a colossal 243km. The event offers one or two-day options, such is the vast and fearsome nature of the course.

The Coast to Coast is certainly a fitness event for the faint of heart. However, it is a wonderful opportunity to soak in the natural glory of NZ in its summertime splendour. Completion of the course too will leave you with a glowing sense of pride for life. Trust us though, you’ll need to be seriously training for this one.

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5. Motatapu

Motatapu is most definitely a bucket list worthy fitness event. Another epic multisport challenge that offers a wonderful opportunity to delve into the heart of NZ’s natural beauty and grandeur. Not only that, this course will take you through higher regions of Mt. Motatapu terrain that are closed to the public for all but the single day upon which this event is held.

There are six different events, across several courses, to choose from. Each of which includes different (or different combinations of) sports. This event is popular for being challenging yet achievable. It is also a hugely social event known for its laidback, party atmosphere. It is a celebration of New Zealand’s land and its people.

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6. Mud, Sweat and Tears

With two separate courses, in Christchurch and Dunedin, of New Zealand’s fitness events this is certainly the muddiest. You’ll definitely sweat too. As for tears – of joy, perhaps – because this event is a blast. If you’re over 13 years old you’re invited to get through this 5km or 10km (your choice) obstacle course.

It really is some course as well. There are mud slides, forest runs, barbed wire crawls, wobbly bridges, horse and water jumps, floating platforms and a hay bale pyramid to confront, amongst other things. Each year new obstacles are added too, so look out for whatever surprises 2018 might be packing.

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7. Peak to Pub

Have we saved the best until last? Well, quite possibly. If the name, Peak to Pub, doesn’t have you intrigued we don’t know what will. New Zealand fitness events love a bit of multisport, and in that sense at least Peak to Pub is no different. What’s new here though is the delightful fact that the finish line of this race is the Blue Pub. An actual pub. Lovely stuff.

In another variation on the other multisport events on this list, Peak to Pub is a winter sports event. The race starts with 2km ski/snowboard descent down Mt. Hutt. This, you follow with a 18km mountain bike course, and the whole thing is finished with 12km run. You’ve earned your pint by then.

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All of the above events prioritise fun, and a social aspect, as well as fitness. That means there really is no excuse not to get involved with some of New Zealand’s fitness events in 2018.

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