5 Reasons why you should travel with your kids

When you have children, they become your world. You do everything in our power to do your best by them, teaching them to be brave, educated and well-rounded. Did you know though, that travelling is one of the best ways to make your children all of the above and so much more?

You may be thinking it will be a nightmare. Your mind, no doubt, is thinking about what you’ll need to bring (will the kitchen sink be too much?) what could go wrong, what if they have a tantrum etc. While some moments may be less than rosy, it won’t all be like that. Which is why we here at Pixal are firm believers that as your children become your world, you should show them the world they live in.

So, to this end, we’ve put together our top reasons why it is important to travel with your kids.

Travelling with children

1. They’ll learn so much

Educating your children is the single most important thing you can do. And, through travel, you can teach them so many things; introduce them to the sights, sounds and smells of our varied world. When you travel with your kids you can inspire a love of geography by showing them geographical features like volcanoes and canyons. You can sneakily get across some maths related questions by asking them about currency exchanges, and how long it will take to get to certain destinations etc. Or, throw them into the world of music native to the country you’re in.

The world is your educational oyster. Despite all of these enlightening possibilities, the most important thing you can teach your children though, is to respect other cultures and other people that make up this world.

2. They’ll become well-rounded

Travel with your kids introduces them to a larger world. And through this introduction they’ll absorb many things, including the fact that things might not necessarily always go to plan. Because travelling certainly doesn’t. It teaches them that this is ok, removing them from a routine is healthy as they’ll become more adaptable to change.

Another aspect of their well-roundedness will be their ability to speak, no doubt, a number of languages. Young children can pick up other languages so much quicker than adults, which is handy, as you may end up having a little translator with you.


3. Teach them to face their fears

In life, certain fears can hold people back. However, if you go travelling with your child you can teach them that while it is OK to feel fear, but that they can control it and face that fear too. Travelling the globe pushes everybody far out of their comfort zone; while scary at first it helps you grow into a more confident individual.

4. They’ll become travellers themselves

Travel with your kids creates fond memories and it will be these that they look back on to inspire their own love for travel. A combination of these memories with a realisation that there is still so much more of the world to see will almost certainly stir a sense of curiosity.

There is, though, an argument that – especially if your kids are young – that they are too little to truly appreciate this experience. Sure, they may not remember exact backdrops of certain locations; what they will take forward though, are the important life lessons they are being taught through these experiences. Travelling is not only about enjoying the environment you’re in but also teaching you to become a better version of yourself, and this is a lesson that can be learnt at any age. So, what are you waiting for? Travel with your kids and welcome in the ‘are we there yet?’ period of your life.

Raising children to travel

But, most importantly, do not underestimate the importance that travel has on your children. Just sit back as you watch them become the nomads you’re raising them to be.

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