5 Incredibly picturesque places to see in New Zealand

There are loads of places to see in New Zealand – it is a beautiful country. If you’re lucky enough to visit, then between the tours of the Lord of the Rings set, Hobbiton; and as you indulge in the various other experiences that the nation has to offer – you’re sure to want to take some great pictures. Even if you already call New Zealand home, then it’s probable you still want to get out there and appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the country you live in. We’ve put together this list of ‘absolute must see’ and of course ‘must snap’ destinations. One thing is for sure, it’s definite they’re places to fall in love with.

1.     Milford Sound – Fiordland National Park, Te Anau, South Island

First, on our list of places to see in New Zealand, one of the most famous natural sites. Don’t even consider a venture to this beautiful country without a chance to take beautiful pictures of the breath-taking Milford Sound. So glorious it is, that in 2008 this destination topped an international survey run by TripAdvisor. Sheer rocky peaks surround the fiord, reaching up to – and above – 1,200 metres on all sides. This includes The Elephant (said to resemble an elephant’s head), and The Lion (which is reminiscent of a crouching lion). There are also two flowing waterfalls that are permanent, Lady Bowen Falls, and Stirling Falls. It offers the chance to witness an incredible array of natural and endangered wildlife; including seals, penguins, bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales. It probably doesn’t surprise you then that Rudyard Kipling (of The Jungle Book…not the cakes) dubbed it the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Many photos that have inspired awe have been taken and published of Milford Sound. It’s one of the best places to see in New Zealand. We implore you to go and take some for yourself, if only for the sake of the nourishment this magical place will bring to your soul.

2.     Tamaki Maori Village – Rotorua, North Island

The Maori people are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. After they settled on the islands in the 14th Century, they went on to develop their own language, mythology, crafts, and culture. They have many places to see in New Zealand, but the Tamaki Maori Village is no doubt the most spectacular.

When you visit the Tamaki Maori Village, take time to introduce yourself, and allow yourself to experience, a taste of the tribe’s traditional way of life. The photo opportunity here is not of the same nature as that Milford Sound will provide, however, the chance to document some aspects of this culture should not be missed. Be it the spectacle of the Haka or the Powhiri (an ancient welcome ceremony), the culinary delights of the hangi feast (you will witness it being prepared in the hangi baskets, and cooked upon hot stones buried into the earth), or simply the jungle that surrounds you, you’re sure to come away with some brilliant pictures as well an ability to understand and appreciate this culture.

3.     Hamilton Gardens – Hamilton, North Island

Hamilton Gardens is a feast for the senses, comprising of a network of gardens inspired by historical gardening concepts from around the world. Idling through these lush little slices of paradise will take you on a journey through tropical jungles, Ancient China and even into the garden of a 16th Century Renaissance prince. This botanical museum will teach you the history and meanings of gardens through the ages and around the globe.

What’s more, the opportunity to take unique and brilliant pictures is endless and you could easily lose all track of time snapping away at the delicate and magnificent arrangements.

4.     The Lost Spring – Coromandel Peninsula, Whitianga, North Island

Perhaps your time in New Zealand is in fact a romantic getaway for you and your special someone, if so, The Lost Spring will not disappoint as it brings a fairy tale atmosphere to your time together. It is also a wonderful spot for the two of you to unwind in.

The Lost Spring’s true calling card though, as its name implies, is its hot water springs. Time spent together in these heavenly pools would make an ideal spot for selfies of you as a loved-up pair that you can look back upon with joy time again. There’s no better place to lie back in the evenings with a cocktail to gaze – and take a quick pic – of the night stars over New Zealand.

5.     Pancake Rocks and Blowholes Walk – Paparoa National Park, Punakaiki, South Island

After all that relaxation you’ll probably fancy stretching your legs! Well, then look no further than one of the best places to see in New Zealand; the intrigue and delight of the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes Walk. This spectacular limestone rock structure appeared via millennia of being battered by waves, and it has left them a magnificent spectacle. So too are the natural blowholes that have since been formed, through which the ocean erupts with ultimate drama.

There are so many vantage points from which to produce photography which will astonish here! You will be spoilt for choice. Your view of the Tasman Sea that this trail offers is certainly one to capture on camera; and reflect on for many years afterwards.

These locations truly do showcase some of the greatest places to see in New Zealand. If you are able to take the right picture whilst there; you’ll be able to bring a little slice of each of them home with you to treasure.

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