5 Of the best foodie events in NZ

As well as having beautiful weather, stunning natural features and rich history, New Zealand is also a food lover’s paradise. Throughout each year there are many foodie events in NZ, meaning there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. We’ve gone through the calendar to bring you this list of foodie events in NZ for you and your taste buds to enjoy.

foodie events in NZ

1. Hawke’s Bay Food and Wine Classic

The Hawke’s Bay food and Wine Classic is an absolute extravaganza of all things delicious. Running throughout June 2019, there is so much time to sink your teeth into the many, many delights on offer, which makes it more than worth the wait. Whether you’re down for ‘Dining at Downton’, marching towards a medieval feast, or even feasting your eyes on some edible fashion, you’ll find that Hawke’s Bay Food and Wine Classic is certainly one of the foodie events in NZ to be at this year.

2. Toast Martinborough

For lovers of all things wine, music and food, then you’ll not want to miss Toast 2018. All day on Sunday November 18th, Toast Martinborough will be serving up a sumptuous mix of fine wines, beautiful food and classy vibes all around. For the finest wines that New Zealand has to offer – and there are many – Toast provides the ultimate tasting playground.

3. Bluff Oyster and Food Festival

As Bluff Oyster and Food Festival style themselves, they’re “unsophisticated and proud of it”. If fine wines aren’t your vibe but indulging on some of the best oysters in the world is (with no pretentious pretext), then head on down to Bluff Oyster and Food Festival.

The rustic seaside town of Bluff is the perfect setting for this laidback foodie celebration. Amongst the small, friendly local community you can enjoy a wide selection of wildfoods, be entertained by eating competitions, enjoy the live music and, of course, have your fill of oysters.

The 2018 edition of this festival has sadly now passed, but fear not, it’ll be back next year.

Foodie events in NZ

4. Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

This is a very different kind of food festival. If you’re a thrill-seeker hunting new tastes, then the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is one of the foodie events in NZ for you. Past editions of the festival have offered the chance to try delicacies such as duck heads, crocodile bites, fish eyes and worms, amongst many other exotic treats.

For those with a more conservative palate, Hokitika has you well covered too. An abundance of gourmet delights, a variety of international cuisines and traditional Maori hangi on offer mean all who come shall be satisfied.

This should certainly be another early entry in your 2019 diary.

5. Beervana

Maybe we are pushing things a bit to list this amongst the foodie events in NZ. Having said that, Beervana is known for rustling up great food every year. Let’s face it though, this one is all about that beer. For two days in Wellington in august, it’s all about that ale appreciation. Whether you want to try tasters of a wide variety of innovative brews, or you want to firmly commit to indulging in a few favourites, Beervana is here for you.

The foodie events in NZ are not to be missed. If you’re in New Zealand for one of the above events then you’re guaranteed one thing at least – good eatin’.

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