4 Ways to protect your blog photos

Technology has evolved so much, and so quickly, over the years, leading to many modern marvels. One such phenomenon are blogs. The very fact that you can now be a professional blogger, as a full-time job, is simply astonishing. The internet has opened up many possibilities, it has also done the same for crime, and online theft is a rising example. So, how do you protect your blog photos?

As a blogger, and indeed a photographer, protecting your photos is a high priority. For many bloggers, there is nothing worse than someone using your photos and not giving you any of your just-deserved credit. Photos can often be the best part of your blog, helping to set the scene, and inspire your readers. So, naturally, it’s important to protect your blog photos. There are several ways you could go about doing so. Within this article, we’ve put together some potential ways to protect your blog photos.

1.      Know your rights

This is perhaps, by far, the most important thing you could do. It’s number one in the fight to protect your blog photos. You should know what your rights are, and how to exercise them. For starters, make it clear that the photos on your blog page are copyrighted and you are reserving some, or all, rights to their use. This can act as an early on deterrent to those who may seek to use them; even better, it shows potential thieves that you are aware of what your rights are. Once you have created an image it is inherently yours; therefore, the right to use or sell them is also yours. However, it is important to include a notice which reinforces this fact.

2.      Watermark them

Perhaps not the best route for a blog which relies heavily on photos, but it is possible to incorporate a watermark tastefully and even blend one into your photos – so it’s not so obvious. It is important to bear in mind though, that the more experienced photograph thieves do use Photoshop, so may know how to remove a watermark. The general rule of thumb is, the bigger the watermark the better the deterrent to thieves, due to the more work involved in removing it. It also deters any individuals accidentally copying your photos.

3.      Disable the right-click option

It is possible to disable your right-click on your blog page, this acts as a great deterrent for potential theft, and it’s a great way to protect your blog photos. There’s no theft if they’re not able to right-click and save the photo. It also helps prevent people from copying and pasting images. What it does not do, however, is stop people from potentially screen-grabbing and saving an image that way. What’s more, it is possible for people to be able to disable the plugin installed to inhibit the right-click option. What this option will do though is stop anyone from unknowingly taking your photos – even those who do not have any criminal intent.

4.      Use metadata

Another handy way to protect your photos online is by using metadata. Metadata can be used to hide important information within your images. Within your images you could put information such as who the photographer is, etc. Yes, that’s right, told you it was handy. Even better, it’s super easy to do within Photoshop.

Whatever you do to protect your blog photos, whether one or all of the above, unfortunately nothing will ever be 100% theft proof. Unless, of course, you don’t post any photos whatsoever, but then it is unlikely your blog will do as well, as so much relies on photos in the digital world. The truth is that your images are probably the most vulnerable part of your blog. However, by following some of the above suggestions, you can help make them less exposed and take a step closer to ensuring that your work remains your own.

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