4 Personality traits of people who love to travel

Is there such a thing as the wanderlust gene? Are certain people born to explore unknown horizons? And, if so, what traits resonate strongly within these more nomad of souls? At Pixal, we love anything and everything to do with photos – and what’s better than shots of some overseas milieu?

We also believe that some people are born to travel, and that these people are often easy to spot – together with the fact that they always keep their passports on them – because, well, you never know!

So, what common characteristics, and personality traits, do people who love to travel have?

1. Curiosity

Arguably you cannot have a love to travel without having an inkling of curiosity weaved into your personality makeup. This rather inquisitiveness nature makes up the difference between just heading to a destination and wanting to know everything about the place. When your curiosity is piqued, you can absorb so much more.

We’re talking learning about the food, the language, the history – everything. This is one of the reasons travelling becomes so addictive, you love to learn and always want to know more. And this love grows from your raw nature to be curious.

2. Patience

Alongside curiosity intrepid globetrotters also are extremely patient individuals. We should know. And as soon as you quench this undeniable thirst and jet-off you’ll soon realise how handy this trait can be. While travelling, things do not necessarily always go to plan. And that’s putting it lightly. Bad experiences are only part and parcel of the whole experience. And the more patient people learn to surf through the bad times relying on their patient nature.


3. Perseverance

Like patience, perseverance is another common characteristic of people who love to travel. The simple truth of the matter is that it is not always an easy thing to do so. Giving up can be so tempting when everything seems to be against you and your goals. Grit then is a necessity. And it is this perseverance which is also a key personality trait of people who love to travel.

4. Adventurous

The adventurous streak is another personality trait of people who love to travel. The will and desire to take that chance is as crucial as any of the other traits aforementioned. When you hear the word adventurous, certain synonyms are generally associated: risk, exploration, anticipation, adrenaline, experience and unfamiliar are a few off the top of our head. You have to have a want to explore, harbouring anticipation for the unfamiliar.

It takes a certain kind of person who constantly wants to travel the word. One who, we’re willing to wager, has the above makeup. While no two travel experiences are the same, the kind of person who continuously ventures off into the unknown is. At Pixal, we live and breathe photography, lots of moments are worth taking a snapshot of. So, why not manage your moments, especially your travel ones, with Pixal today?

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