4 Affordable travel destinations for 2018

We all know the feeling – that one that starts small and begins to grow, the urge for sunshine, warmth and a break from everyday things. Yes, that’s the one: the longing to travel. When you can’t resist the urge anymore and you give in to that beck and call of adventure, we’ve put together a list of surprisingly affordable and cheap travel destinations for 2018.

Typically, after a flight, you are not left with a lot of funds. And nobody wants to be left destitute on the side of unfamiliar territory! Instead, you’d rather be safe in the knowledge that you can afford your new-found wanderlust. While you may be ready to travel, your bank balance might not yet be there with you. With these cheap travel destinations though, your desire to travel is safe to be thoroughly explored without spending all your cash.

1. Laos

Sure, we’ve heard stories from people who’ve ventured to the likes of Vietnam and Thailand, but Laos? The country wedged in between the two is wildly overlooked. However, it’s the ideal cheap travel destination for 2018. Even better, its not quite riddled with tourists like it’s two neighbours yet. Any traveller that ventures to Laos will be made to feel welcome with a greeting mat of authenticity.

Granted, if you worship the sun or dwell on the beach it might be a little short for options as it’s a landlocked country, but Laos offers in return the opportunity for you to soak up and dip in to its many other attributes; such as its mountain rich and jungle coated milieu. It’s there you can trek into the adventure of jumping into a kayak, flying down the zip line and taking a climb. This forgotten strip of land is home to some of the most beguiling people you’ll ever meet, not to mention its rustic nature which helps you relax. It’s sure to entice, every time.

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2. Nepal

To trek along the same path, or follow on the hiking theme; we welcome you to the travel destination for 2018 that is overseen by the Himalayas, Nepal. The lofty heights of these majestic mountains trickle down to the rest of the country, where you can absorb their silent tranquillity, while meandering around rustic temples and timeless villages. Nepal is a country known for its tours, the most popular is of course, the Everest Base Camp Trek. Sure, these tours can get pricey, but you are also able to experience the nation on a budget. With plenty of economic accommodation, and the ability to independently trek, you don’t have to spend much at all to witness all Nepal has to offer.

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3. India

India is, and will forever be, a special place residing permanently in the hearts of all who’ve been. A backpacker’s dream, jump in, and you’ll transpire into a more knowledgeable and culturally-rich soul. One of the best things about India is that you are able eat as much as you want, and travel the length and breadth of this beautiful country, for a surprisingly affordable amount. India is a place of glorious chaos, and one that’s well-worth jumping into. Namaste.

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4. Portugal

Jet half way around the world to the Western delights of this European country. Portugal is pretty much synonymous with a bargain. If you haven’t yet been, then this travel destination for 2018 is a delight you really should indulge in. Portugal’s cities – Lisbon and Porto – not only give a swift nod to their country’s maritime past, but walking through the likes of Porto will leave you taken aback at the sheer prettiness of the place. It’s a cobblestoned destination where it’s hard to take a bad picture. The charm of Portugal is multi-faceted, and is in part due to the affordability of, well, literally everything.

cheap travel destinations

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