3 Achievable, original and alternative ideas for your bucket list

Are you looking for some ideas for your bucket list?

In life, above all else, one thing is certain. Its not going to last. Despite this universal truth, death still remains a troublesome taboo. Indeed, we go out of our way to avoid it, eating healthy and exercising. Life spans are getting longer, and science fiction and fact are both hypothesising about how to transfer your conscious after you die. Enter then, the bucket list, and the bucket list idea.

A bucket-list is a collection of sights, feats and activities you are set to complete before you die. It takes its name from a movie called “The Bucket List” featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as terminal teammates who conspire to complete their final wishes. A quick Google will show you hundreds of ideas for creating your bucket-bid, from swimming with dolphins and becoming a millionaire to paying off your mortgage. If you find yourself aspiring to more than this, we’re here for you. Below are three ideas for your bucket list, that are a little more out of the bucket (sorry) than usual.

 1. Just say yes

To start, we’ve gone for something simple. Just say yes!

Your life is full of boundaries, restrictions and controlling conditions. As a human, you’re a creature of habit and routine, rarely straying outside of your comfort zone. Keeping to a routine encourages less anxiety and better mental health. The thing is, there’s also something monotonous about a routine. The truth is, if you never push yourself outside of this comfort zone, you’ll never experience the excitement of doing something new.

So, for the first of our our ideas for your bucket list, why not say yes to everything for twenty-four hours? We’re not suggesting you do anything illegal; but a quick mental shift from “No, it’s impossible” to “Sure, I welcome the challenge” can massively improve your mindset. You’ll find that the adrenaline and sense of accomplishment you get from stepping outside of your normal life far outweighs the fear. You’ll see a domino effect, then.

Saying yes to your colleagues and friends as well as yourself will help you kick-start your hopes and dreams. In this life, you get back what you put in, so radiate positivity for it to return.

We bet you’ll stick to it when your time is up!

2. Communicate with the other side

If you’re more into preservation of the spirit, why not try and communicate with the other side.

When you’re thinking about your bucket-list, it’s natural you’ll be thinking about what happens after. Our next alternative bucket-list recommendation is to spend a night in Britain’s most haunted house.

30 East Drive is nestled in Pontefract, in the very depths of Yorkshire. From the outside, it seems like any other semi-detached family home. Yet, this home has come to be known as the most violently haunted house in Britain. It one of our more spooky ideas for your bucket list. If you’re a scoffing sceptic, or a bolshy believer looking for proof of the spirit world, then this is for you. It’s said to be haunted by the Black Monk (referred to by previous residents as Fred or Mr. Nobody), who pulls everything from innocent pranks such as moving keys, right through to the terrifying incident which caused its final residents to flee – the dragging of 14-year old Dianne up the stairs by her hair, kicking and screaming. Creepy.

The house is now owned by the director of a horror-film about the place, and you can stay there overnight for the full on esoteric experience. Don’t expect Fred to wait on you hand and foot though – there’s a number of house rules you must adhere to too.

The bad news is there’s absolutely no Ouija boards, so if you’re looking to make friends with Fred, and complete this one of our ideas for your bucket list, you’re going have to listen with all of your psychic senses.

3. Feel like a Greek God

Finally, if you’re shooting for the stars, Kawah Ijen Volcano is our undiscovered world wonder that will make you say, wow.

Residing in East Indonesia, the Ijen volcano, by day, is a lucious and misty crater – holding many local workers who harvest the Sulphur for trade. By night, however, the crater is a different story.

The sulphuric gas cools, escapes through the cracks, and ignites with evening air around it. The reaction produces mind-blowing blue fire, shooting bolts of lightning across the velvet night sky. It’s a feat that seems right from Zeus himself, with plumes reaching up to five meters high.

If you’re looking for an alternative idea for your bucket list that’ll truly take your breath away, this is it. Watching it, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the first throws of the apocalypse are upon you. It’s no small feat to get to either – the only way to access the crater is via a two-hour hike. We’d like to stress, each way. You’ll have to start in the middle of the night, so it’s best you stock up now on coffee.

Got your list sorted? What other ideas do you have? Let us know below! Don’t forget your camera to capture your unique moments. Then upload your photos to Pixal – the cross-platform camera app dedicated to capturing and managing images in a new and unique way. Pixal is the only app which works with other social networking platforms, in real time. Your sharing is switched to OFF by default. You chose who, where, and when others experience your record of real, raw, life!

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