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Pixal - The app

Pixal is a cross-platform camera app targeted towards capturing and managing photos and videos.

This creates its own private content network, using events based on the consumers calendar and social media activities.

Working alongside your current activity seamlessly so you can still use your camera, photo app and online social networking.

Share events

We make mode suggestions for albums based on real time activity from your calendar and Facebook events.

If you select these modes and take images and videos, we automatically organise them into an album for you.

This folder structure and the contents are saved in your phone’s Photos/Gallery so all your content stays in one place.

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Stay Connected

A new and innovative way to privately share content with only the participants of the album or event.

Pixal Sharing is turned OFF by default and allows users to turn ON for each album or event.

If you don’t want to share all images from an album or event, then share only the ones you want to share. You are in full control!

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Make Memories

All images that are shared through Pixal go on the Hubs.

You can only view the images you are a participant of and none of the images can be saved by other users.

Sleep well knowing your pictures are not going to end up on a stranger’s social media feed.

cherish memorable moments with friends